Moving to the Cloud?

Your people are working remotely, why shouldn't your servers?

Get speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and reduce your capex.

We can help with Cloud migrations.

Amazon, Google, Amagle, Googlazon?

Single cloud, or multi-vendor with the big and the small providers?

We've worked with lots of them, and know who's who for whatever you're looking to do.

We can help with Cloud strategy.

Need a Specialist?

We've got the skills and experience to help you with your project.
We can design, build and support solutions that really work.

We can help deliver solutions and projects.

Welcome to Pre-Emptive Limited

Pre-Emptive Limited is an IT consultancy specialising in cloud solutions, cloud migration and multi-cloud operations. We work with the any of the major cloud vendors (and some of the smaller ones), we know all about multi-region, International operations, networking and resilience.

To find out what we can do for you and your business, read more about us.